Rekenber Corporation

Technology-oriented megacorp, the Rekenber Corporation is the genius behind all the technological advancements that Schwartzvald Republic enjoys. But what price are they willing to pay in their quest for knowledge?

Usual Location

Lighthalzen, financial capital of the Schwartzvald Republic.

Common Knowledge

Guns, trains, and anything technology-based? Rekenber Corporation found it first, and mass marketed it for consumer benefit. Rumor has it that they’ve begun delving into forbidden secrets in their underground Biolabs.

Adventurers and the Icon

Often the Rekenber Corporation is interested in guinea pigs, and adventurers willing to be guinea pigs are never in short supply. Those who survive — if they survive — might get their hands on the latest technological advancements… that the corporation will allow them to get their hands on.


The President of the Schwartzvald Republic has often been more of a tool than an ally, though the newly-elected President proves to be a challenge. There’s a faction in the Arunafeltz States that is also their ally, technically making them an ally to that state.


While no open hostilities have been announced between Rekenber Corporation and Rune-Midgarts, their ally in the Arunafeltz States have been making moves against the kingdom. Even without this ally of theirs, hundreds of adventurers from Rune-Midgarts have gone missing after being last seen headed towards Lighthalzen, while the monsters in the Biolabs is rumored to climb steadily higher throughout the years.


The only thing known about the Rekenber Corporation is that less than five hundred years ago, they had bought the Lighthal facility and developed it into what is known as Lighthalzen today. Other than that, their existence has been shrouded in mystery and deception.

The True Danger

As long as the Rekenber Corporation keeps itself busy with discovering the forbidden secrets of life, it will be too busy to try and use its technological superiority against Rune-Midgarts or any other country.

( It’s already bad enough that RO players have to deal with the few guardians — slow, lumbering mechanical giants that quickly slay most with a few swings — that are purchased during War of Emperium events. Imagine having to fight hundreds and thousands of them, while having to deal with artillery and gunfire to boot. Let’s pray your magic’s strong enough, should this come to pass. )

Rekenber Corporation

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