In an effort to minimize the typing I need to do, I will simply list the races available to this campaign, and why they are available (or not). Please refer to the 13th Age core book for the stats and other related information of each race.

Normans (Humans)

All player characters in Ragnarok Online (RO) are Normans. Thus, they are available as a playable race in this campaign.


Dwarves are a minority race, and often seen as white-bearded veteran Blacksmiths. While not a playable race in RO, I can easily see how they can become PCs given their relationship with humans.


Elves are ALMOST non-existent, due to the events following the destruction of their homeland.

Dimagoes (Tieflings)

The rejected offspring of Colossus and Norman, standing a foot or so taller than most Normans. Rare, but not impossible to find.


A race of small, child-like stature. They are the offspring of Normans and Elves.

Valkyries/Einherjar (Holy ones)

Warriors dedicated to the gods and to Ragnarok. They’re not a playable race in RO, but I’m allowing them as long as you can explain how and why a maiden of the gods or a spirit that’s supposed to live out the rest of his days in Valhalla ends up in Midgard.

Other races

Halflings, gnomes, half-orcs, forgeborn, etc. – are almost unheard of in the world. However, I can easily attribute halflings and gnomes as variations/mutations of Ellrs. As for the other races, seeing as they’re not a playable race in RO, I’m only allowing them as long as you can explain how and why they are in fact playable in the first place.

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