Kafra and Zonda Corporations

The chief providers of essential teleportation, storage and cart rental services in the world, the Kafra Corporation in particular is the most recognizable organization in Rune-Midgarts thanks to their cute female employees. The Zonda Corporation (also known by some as the Cool Event Corporation) is Kafra Corps’ male counterpart.

Usual Location

Kafra Corporation’s headquarters is located in the independent city of Aldebaran, though their employees are found in just about every city in the world. Zonda Corporation’s headquarters is currently unknown, but their employees are scattered outside of Rune-Midgarts.

Common Knowledge

They’re the people in charge of safekeeping everyone’s equipment, maintaining a high quality standard of protection and secrecy.

Adventurers and the Icon

The Kafra and Zonda corporations rarely asks for help from outsiders for aid, but when they do they have the funds and confiscated equipment that they could reward those who help them. More often than not, it’s their individual employees who have ties with other organizations that ask for help, often with delivery services and other regular tasks.


In an effort to provide service to all adventurers, they have made serious strides in maintaining relations with various cities, even so far as establishing contact with the Orc Village and having a Kafra Corp employee standing by in case of emergencies.


Being friends with everyone can easily make them enemies with everyone. They are suspected to be double agents, as well as item hoarders. It’s even rumored that they’ve been causing inexplicable disappearances of items or entire inventories, which the Kafra and Zonda Corporations claim is pure fantasy, or the work of “hackers”.


For hundreds of years, these corporations have existed to aid adventurers in their endeavors.

The True Danger

As long as both of them don’t side with any of the forces of darkness, everything will be fine. If either of them, with their zeny and their access to the mystical storage facility of adventurers and their powerful equipment, do go bad…

Kafra and Zonda Corporations

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