The Gunslinger is master of the gun among the first job classes.


This class is a simple class to play (much like the Gunslinger in Ragnarok Online and the Ranger in 13th Age), but the class’ options have been modified for relative game balance in 13th Age, as well as expanded to give greater variety to features not found in Ragnarok Online. At level 5, you can choose to switch to Rebel, or you can choose to continue your progress as an Gunslinger.

Gunslinger Level Progression

Gunslinger Level Total Hit Points Total Feats Class Talents (excluding Single Action) Level-up Ability Bonuses Damage Bonus From Ability Score
1 (6+CON Mod) x 3 1 adventurer 2 ability modifier
2 (6+CON Mod) x 4 2 adventurer 2 ability modifier
3 (6+CON Mod) x 5 3 adventurer 2 ability modifier
4 (6+CON Mod) x 6 4 adventurer 2 +1 to 3 abilities ability modifier
5 (6+CON Mod) x 8 4 adventurer
1 champion
3 2 x ability modifier
6 (6+CON Mod) x 10 4 adventurer
2 champion
3 2 x ability modifier
7 (6+CON Mod) x 12 4 adventurer
3 champion
3 +1 to 3 abilities 2 x ability modifier
8 (6+CON Mod) x 16 4 adventurer
3 champion
1 epic
4 3 x ability modifier
9 (6+CON Mod) x 20 4 adventurer
3 champion
2 epic
4 3 x ability modifier
10 (6+CON Mod) x 24 4 adventurer
3 champion
3 epic
4 +1 to 3 abilities 3 x ability modifier

Gunslinger Stats

Ability Bonus +2 to any stat (different from racial bonus)
Initiative Dex mod + level
Armor Class (light armor) 12 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + level
Physical Defense 12 + middle mod of Str/Con/Dex + level + level
Mental Defense 10 + middle mod of Int/Wis/Cha + level + level
Hit Points (6 + Con mod) x level modifier (see level progression chart)
Recoveries (probably) 8
Recovery Dice 1d8 x level + Con mod
Backgrounds 8 points, max 5 in any one background
Icon Relationships 3 points
Talents 2 (see level progression chart)
Feats 1 per level


Gunslingers tend to go for flexible, light armor, that allows them unprecedented movement and an easier time entering stealth.


Gunslinger Armor and AC
Armor Type Base AC Attack Penalty
None 10
Light 12
Heavy 13 -2
Shield + 1 -2


Gunslinger Melee Weapons
One-Handed Two-Handed
1d4 dagger 1d6 club
Light or Simple
1d6 short sword, mace 1d8 (-2) spear
Heavy or Martial
1d8 (-2) longsword, battleaxe 1d10 (-4) greatsword
Gunslinger Ranged Weapons
Thrown Gun Bow
1d4 dagger 1d4 pistol
Light or Simple
1d6 javelin, handaxe 1d6 musket 1d6 (-2) sling, shortbow
Heavy or Martial
1d8 long rifle 1d8 (-4) longbow

Basic Attacks

Melee Attack

One Enemy
Attack: Strength + Level vs. AC
Hit: WEAPON + Strength damage

Ranged Attack

One Enemy
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC
Hit: WEAPON + Dexterity damage
Miss: Damage equal to your level

Guns in Detail

There are five types of guns available in Ragnarok Online:

  • Handguns – Small type guns, they are often dual wielded. They take a free action to reload.
  • Shotguns – Small and light/simple type guns, they’re very devastating at close quarters. Attacks with shotguns do not provoke opportunity attacks.
  • Rifles – Light/simple and heavy/martial type guns, they’re known for their accuracy and range. You gain a +1 bonus to hit while using this weapon type.
  • Gatling Guns – Heavy/martial type guns, they’re known for their devastating attack speed. You can benefit from the 13th Age Fighter’s Second Shot flexible maneuver.
  • Grenade Launchers – Heavy/martial type guns, they’re the most powerful weapons on a per-shot basis, but require significant preparation for the full benefit of an attack. You can spend a standard action to double the damage of the next attack with this weapon type.

Class Talents

Choose two of the following class talents.
If you choose to remain as a gunslinger at higher levels, you gain an additional gunslinger class talent at 5th level, and again at 8th level.

Trigger Happy

Benefit: You gain the 13th Age Ranger’s Double Ranged Attack class talent.

Crowd Control

Benefit: Once per battle, make a ranged attack against 1d4 far away enemies in a group as a standard action.

Adventurer Feat: You can use this against nearby enemies in a group instead.
Champion Feat: You can now make this attack twice per battle.
Epic Feat: You can make the attack against 1d4+1 nearby or far away enemies in a group.

Power Shot

Benefit: You gain the 13th Age Fighter’s Power Attack class talent.


Benefit: You gain the 13th Age Rogue’s Swashbuckle class talent.


Benefit: You gain the 13th Age Fighter’s Deadeye class talent.

Wounding Shot

Benefit: You gain the 13th Age Rogue’s Bleeding Strike power, but you can use it with ranged attacks instead of melee.

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Note that as much as I’d want to make a fully faithful rendition of RO’s Gunslinger, with the gun restrictions and attack speed boosts and Coin Flip, for the sake of balance and a minimal amount of mechanics-wrangling, I’m again going to refer to existing 13th Age game elements, as opposed to creating a new set of mechanics.


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