All characters begin their life as a level 0 Novice. It is during this time that they learn the basics of the game, and prepare themselves as adventurers in the world.

See Novice for more information.

First Job Class

Once the characters have fulfilled the basics and reach level 1, they can now pick their first job:

Second Job

Once the characters have gained enough skill to reach level 5, they can now choose their second job:

NOTE: Super Novices cannot get a second job, but instead gain additional abilities from other first job classes. Also, rather than requiring players to undergo transcendence, the second jobs presented here will already have the features of transcendent classes.

Third Job

Once characters have gained enough skill to reach level 8, they can now choose their third job:

NOTE: Ninjas, Gunslingers, and TaeKwon Kids gain additional abilities, instead of gaining third jobs. Super Novices can now gain additional abilities from second job classes, instead of gaining a third job.

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NOTE: Until the 13th Age SRD is released, any game element similar to what is found in the book, I will refer to that game element instead. This is to avoid any and all violations to copyright, as well as to save on time and effort on developing the homebrew mechanics for this campaign.

Technically, in 13th Age terms, 1st jobs are your adventurer tier characters, 2nd jobs are your champion tier characters, and 3rd jobs are your epic tier characters. While it would normally make better sense to set this up as single classes all with various customization options through feats, for the sake of keeping to the visual theme of Ragnarok Online I’ve decided to utilize multiple jobs with simple class design throughout the process. After all, for all the complex tactics that the MMORPG has, in terms of power availability and class progression even the most complex of casters are essentially just simple classes (due mostly to the universal mana and skill point system).


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